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Prepare to present and sell your home


Have you ever wondered how simple prior preparation tools in preparing your home to list could make you into a legacy home selling super hero? Someone in every tight bonded community has experienced this exact scenario. Three homes on your block have been listed for several months. You’ve considered selling your home. Wondering, how to maximize top dollar for it in the least amount of time?  Your neighbors gossip over increasing property values out of sheer excitement.  Escrow details emerge about your neighbors recent escrow on the street behind yours.  Unannounced to you,  the house was listed for sale a few days ago.  The listing agent has undergone pre-promotional marketing measures to build anticipation for the upcoming listing; for sale/coming soon signs were installed by the REALTOR, collecting possible interested buyer names and phone numbers of drivers gawking by, the REALTOR is establishing buzz at network meeting with colleagues,  hosted open houses and broker opens have take place, the marketing for the  property has been publicized and splattered in several advertising methods to stand out from all of the other homes, and probably much more. Yet, before the home was actually listed to the public data base BOOM seller receives 10 multiple offers;  over list price, ranging from finance to all cash propositions and the offers have exceeded list price. .
Did the three homes previously listed still waiting to be sold drive the sale of super hero’s home?  Unfortunately, there is no way to sugar coat the process of prior preparation in listing homes. “Unprepared homes sell other homes!”  Although, the REALTOR’S accountability, efforts were collaborative in moving the home to sale promptly, the Seller’s efforts and accountability in presenting their home to sell was taken to the next level. Seller’s set the tone for negotiations while their home is being shown.  Seller’s it’s important to note, buyers are unfortunately sizing you up and determining how low in price you would sell by the condition of your home.  This isn’t what we want for our clients. Rather, we encourage our clients to address this possible issue precisely, allowing no room for this type of occurrence.  As a seller the goal is to attract serious buyers who will simultaneously visit your home and talk among each other resulting in Buyer’s putting their best foot forward in their offer for your home, in concern of loosing the opportunity to own your home.  If the house is hot..meaning presentable, priced right, photographed with exceptional collateral and marketing unique to your home than a magnitude of showings will take place thus resulting in multiple offers.   During showings, buyer’s observe the condition, maintenance, cleanliness, that also applies to appliances, the quality of features, landscape, smells, ambiance and just about anything of the homes esthetic’s is on display. In simple terms, prior preparation listing practice is to focus on gravitating and attracting to the basic human senses as much as possible.
According to the National Association of REALTORS, (NAR) “The median cost spent on staging a home is $675.00.” Hiring a professional to transform a “descent” home into an “exquisite desirable” home is not always a financially feasible option.  Phoenix, Arizona’s staging consultations range from $150 and depending on the caliber of Interior Designer this fee may exceed above $6000 for extensive projects.   If affording a staging consultant is out of range,  we have provided some fundamentals to help prepare your home prior to listing.
“Prior preparation prevents poor performance.” by James Baker

Prior preparation in home selling super hero status involves an investment of time and sweat equity,  yet the return on investment when it comes to setting the tone in negotiations is well worth the long-term financial reward. The objective is to build the foundation to many buyers, multiple offers, with maximum offer purchase prices and terms. Therefore presenting any and all lived in homes in the most desirable multiple offer worthy fashion to help home sellers earn top dollar in today’s competitive real estate market is going to take precision and effort on selling teams part.  Put in the care your home deserves, and you’ll be rewarded with a sparkling, sell-able home.
  • Clean it up-improve what’s already there. Cleaning is CRUCIAL to selling a home.  Hiring a professional cleaning service once a week at minimum to help with the deep cleaning is encouraged. However, cleaning doesn’t only stop there.  Cleaning, debris items being picked up need to take place prior to every single showing for optimal selling presentation.  While the real estate housing competition is fierce, making community rounds in your own neighborhood like a potential home buyer is encouraged to help compare your home to other homes nearby..but setting the bar a little higher by comparing your home to the very best home in the community will help a seller determine what to do to their own home to help make their home stand out to as many buyers as possible.  Your homes gem like appearance will drive buyers to your home.
  • Fix it up-do a walk thorough inspection of your house notating every fault. Then one by one make any and all necessary repairs on your home. To help get started, here are just a few items to check off:
    Replace cracked floor and/or counter tiles
    Patch holes in walls
    Replace burnt-out bulbs
    Fix doors that don’t close cleanly and quietly (same goes for drawers/cabinets)
    Fix or replace leaky faucets
    Replaced damaged windows (scratches are damages)
    Patch visible cracks in concrete or brickwork
    Replace carpeting or have carpeting professionally cleaned
    Clean the walls thoroughly/paint retouch ups this includes replacing old flaking wallpaper
    Switch out passé appliances and decor
    Trash broken anything displayed in home.  This includes but not limited to; frames, pots, mirrors and etc.
  • Clear it out- Want to make your home show like a model home?  With your goal to move soon anyway, renting a storage unit while showing your home to sell is strongly encouraged.  Less furniture, knickknacks, personal family photos equates to more open space. This enables potential home buyers (in love with your home) to process and begin mentally placing their own possessions into the home space.  Maximize the square footage space by putting your all into the process of cleaning it out.  Clear out hallways, unblock pathways while DE-cluttering every space possible including counter-tops will make the home appear more open, inviting and potential with plenty of space to move around in.   Unsightly and functional appliances such as toaster ovens, coffee makers, old alarm clocks,  bathroom toiletries, curling irons, hair dryers, laundry hampers, dingy towels, kitchen wash rags, pet and children toys and beds made etc. should be put away during showings.  Empty bookcases and cabinets or disarrayed storage revealed in clear window panes found in furniture or kitchen cabinetry can be an eye sore. Consider exchanging long tables with smaller and only leave enough furniture in each room to reveal the warmth of the home to showcase livable space demonstrating the purpose of the room space. Remove and find storage for anything and everything that would possibly jeopardize a current 5 star resort stay to lose a hard earned star accreditation. Creating a home with a simplistic getaway retreat oasis in any way possible provides an opportunity for the Buyer vision themselves living in your home and offering a great price to purchase it.

Wash/polish windows both inside/out-sparkling windows make a huge impact
Dust carefully, clean out cobwebs-don’t forget light fixtures both interior/exterior and vents
Pressure wash sidewalks, garage and exterior patios
Polish faucets and mirrors
Wax floors/keep them swept
Hang/display fresh bath towels
Replace worn rugs
Re-caulk showers, tubs and sinks
Open windows air home out as much as possible

  • Paint-is one of the most affordable least expensive ways to make your home stand out.  After all, being remembered to a potential hoe buyer for it’s orange, green or purple bathroom is not the way your home should resonate with a buyer who is willing to pay premium pricing for your home.  Paint color trends transition often. The safest bet if you have several unfinished paint colors throughout the home, is to paint the home with neutrals; white, mocha’s, gray, wheat.  If you’ve had your home recently painted in the last few years featuring current somewhat neutral paint colors with an accent wall here and there.. then using your best judgement in determining in multiple offer worth appeal would suffice to a broad range attracting as many buyers as possible will make the grade.
  • Kitchen-The cleanliness in one of the most important rooms and is part every new home buyer’s lifestyle today especially as home buyers are interested in preparing more meals at home today in what has become a food conscious world.
    When selecting appealing options gravitating towards universal, understated elegance in replacing cabinet knobs on cabinets and drawers.  Outdated appliances such as the cook-top, range or dishwasher may be worth evaluating the type of seller return in the home and if replacing them would add considerable value to receiving multiple offers. Replacing the faucet with an updated versatile current style and replacing the sink could also be considered. Kitchen lighting is also another area of opportunity in providing a spacious bright setting.  Consider additional lighting kits for under cabinet fixtures and replace outdated/damaged pendants.  Home buyer’s tend to appeal towards lighter kitchens, so anything a home seller can do to provide more spacious well-lit area in the kitchen, the better. Home seller’s may choose to reinvent kitchens to appeal towards a modern space where everyone in the home gravitates for cooking, socializing and is often becomes the the heart area of entertaining.
    Bath revamp-so bathroom is to look less like a bathroom and more of a luxurious spa getaway. Consider replacing towel bar rings, toilet paper holder, trash can, light fixtures, a framed mirror with cohesive style and elegant character, faucets, cabinets if they show extensive wear and tear.  Home buyers today are seeking expansive open glass showers as oppose to the garden soaking tubs.
  • Living room-keeping the room open and spacious feeling provides a potential home buyer to vision themselves living in the home. A couple of elegant paintings, with complimenting chairs and table to downsize the room to help increase the look and feel of the square footage space in tying the home together for a potential buyer is the goal on hand.
  • Bedroom retreats appeal to as many home buyers as possible by keeping the space clean and dust free. Keep the bedrooms fresh with a couple of modern artwork displays, clean/new linens, clutter-free area of no personal belongings should be stowed away for showings. Home buyers do check out your closets, so with that.. enhancing closet doors and clean shelve/freshly painted space with only a handful of well place items such as shoes with two or three display well shown belongings in the closet presents well to potential home buyers.