How to Help Seniors Use the Internet

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How to Help Seniors Use the Internet

Undoubtedly, internet adoption is on a steady rise, but seniors are still lagging behind as they sometimes find it difficult to embrace the latest technology trends.

If statistics are to be believed, 11% of US seniors do not use the internet, whereas, in the year 2000, only 14% of this age group was using the internet on a regular basis.

This brings us to a question – what is stopping seniors from accessing the world wide web? You can find the answer to this question by taking a look at the infographic below illustrated by MedAlertHelp. Meanwhile, let’s take a quick look at the two most common reasons.  

Poor Eyesight and Other Disabilities

A lot of seniors admit that a disability is their main obstacle keeping them for accessing the internet. Poor eyesight is one of the most commonly cited reasons.

According to the Pew Research Center, 40% of American seniors suffer from a health condition that makes it tough for them to read.

How can you help them?

There are various text enlarging and text reading software solutions that could come in handy here. Of course, even a pair of glasses and a tablet with a pinch-to-zoom feature could do wonders.

Online Security Threats

There are some serious online threats out there and seniors could be an easy target due to their lack of online safety skills.

But this should not stop them from going online. You should help them by expanding their knowledge about staying safe on the internet. For example, you could teach them not to click on unknown or suspicious links, avoid opening emails from suspicious senders offering free gifts or can’t-miss deals, etc.

Your Turn

Do not let the age of your loved ones become a barrier that prevents them from entering the online world. They need encouragement, and the younger generation should leave no stone unturned in guiding them throughout the process.

Have a look at this interesting infographic about seniors and their internet usage, packed with dozens of stats and facts. Check it out!

The Elderly & The World Wide Web (Infographic)

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