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Home Features to Attract More Buyers

Install These Home Features To Attract More Buyers
The Phoenix real estate market looks strong for 2020, with home values increasing by 7.5% over the past year, data from Zillow reveals. Phoenix homeowners looking to sell may understandably be hesitant to make expensive property upgrades. However, you don’t need to break the bank to make your home more attractive to buyers. Making smart and affordable upgrades can improve the value of your home while keeping your budget intact. 

Secure parking
Secure parking is an important factor for buyers who own cars and trucks. In fact, adding a driveway can boost the value of your home by 10%. Vehicles are an important investment which need adequate protection. Secure parking gives buyers peace of mind and deters theft, vandalism, and accidental damage. If your driveway’s in bad condition, simply overlaying it with asphalt can make it presentable again. Clean your driveway regularly and keep on top of repairs to keep it in good condition. Additionally, a two-car garage will attract buyers who want room for their vehicles, as well as useful storage space for garden equipment. 

Energy-efficient features 
Improving your home’s energy efficiency provides potential long-term savings attractive to buyers. Installing solar panels, for example, is becoming increasingly popular. However, upgrading your attic insulation, water heaters, windows, and HVAC system are more affordable options. Homeowners can recover 116% of their investment in attic insulation, a Remodeling.com survey finds. Make sure your realtor advertises your energy-efficient features properly — you may even want to provide potential buyers with copies of your utility bills to show them just how low expenses are.

Hardwood flooring
Hardwood floors can increase your home value by 3-5%. They provide homes with a cleaner appearance and are much easier to maintain than carpet, which typically needs to be replaced once every eight to ten years. Alternatively, hardwood flooring can last a whole lifetime and just needs refinishing every now and then. If you’re looking to save money, consider laying engineered wood flooring: multiple layers of fiberboard, plywood, and hardwood encased in a hardwood veneer. It costs roughly $850 to lay 120 square feet of engineered wood flooring, which is around 15% less than genuine hardwood flooring.

Making smart and affordable upgrades to your Phoenix home can help attract buyers and sell it faster. Installing secure parking, energy-efficient features, and hardwood flooring doesn’t have to break the bank and can significantly improve the value of your property. 

Written and sent in by: Karoline Gore

Photo from Unsplash, Josh Hemsley