#1 Reason You Should Be Working With an Agent

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#1 Reason You Should Be Working With an Agent

Working with an agent…is it good or bad?

Looking to find a new home?

When anyone begins the new home search, the excitement is high and the anticipation of moving is at full-throttle.  They are searching daily, perusing all avenues to find just the right place for them.  The enthusiasm when the search begins can quickly turn a “let’s just start looking in the hopes of finding something next year” into a “we have to go look at this place today!”

What about financing the new home?

Once they find a place and start the buying process, all the energy and thrill of buying a new house can very rapidly turn into weeks of stress, pain, agony and paperwork overload.  And that is after they secure financing, which can often be the most tricky part in a real estate transaction.

This is where working with an agent becomes invaluable to the client.  And where an agent has a chance to shine and prove their worth.

Here is my real-world example of the value of working with an agent.

A lot of agents steer clear from presenting a Co-op condo to their clients due to the inability to obtain financing.

I was one of those agents.

Just recently I had a client that was interested in a Co-op as a second home. I was told by the Listing agent that a there was a Lender who was able to finance at this particular community.  I brought my buyers to the condo and they loved it!  I wrote an offer and the buyers and sellers came to an agreement on terms.

We opened escrow and once the lender ordered the condo certification the community came back as not a Co-op and not a condo so the lender wasn’t able to finance the community.

This is one of those unique one of a kind communities!

The lender had an idea; a creative way to finance the deal.  His idea was for the buyer to refinance his primary residence and then pay cash for the condo at the Co-op.  Even though the lender had dropped the ball in the front end by saying he could offer financing he was able to save the deal and the back end.

Creative Lending Options

Having a creative lender who can help to keep a deal alive is a true lifesaver for a Realtor, as well as the client!  The inability for buyers to get financing can scare them away from the deal as well as dealing with the agent in any future transactions.

~by Jacklyn Whitehead

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