Phoenix Home Selling 101

Phoenix Home Selling 101 Guide - Phoenix Urban SpacesWe at Phoenix Urban Spaces are here to help anyone buying or selling their Phoenix area condo home. We are experts on Central Phoenix real estate and can offer advice from the top real estate agents in Scottsdale, AZ and the entire Valley of the Sun.

Here is our advice for selling a condo or a home in Scottsdale and Phoenix.

Set a desired and bottom-line price

There will be negotiating when it comes to the final sale price and it’s best to know beforehand how low you’re willing to go to sell and, of course, what your desired sale price is. With those two prices in mind, it will be easier to set an initial price, which is what will attract possible buyers.

Create an initial price that is slightly below competitive prices. Do not opt for overpricing or under-pricing as both can steer away potential buyers.

Make your condo or home look its best

A condo will not sell itself, but a clean and well-maintained environment will ease a potential buyer’s mind and push him or her to buy it.

Sell during the desirable season

It is not uncommon to hear that the best time to sell is spring, but in most cases it depends on the location of the condo. For example, if the condo is located near a winter travel spot than it may be better to sell during that time of the year since more people will be around.

Know the selling price to neighboring condos

Also, know the price of similar condos in other areas of town.

Emphasize unique selling points

When advertising, choose to highlight what makes the condo unique as well as amenities that are included.

Advertise correctly

Advertise using formats and agencies that cater to the types of buyers you want to attract.

Hire a real estate agent

A real estate agent can provide advice throughout the process – from how to best arrange your condo to how to prepare once the sale is final. A real estate agent can be a savior when it comes to selling a condo. Not only do real estate agents know the current market, they know how to use that information to your benefit.

A real estate agent can make the difference between getting the desired price and merely getting the bottom line price for a condo.

Contact us today about selling your condo. We have Phoenix, AZ, real estate agents and Scottsdale real estate agents ready to guide you through the process and make it as easy and beneficial as possible.