2021’s Best Smart Devices for your Home

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2021’s Best Smart Devices for your Home

2021’s Best Smart Devices for Your Phoenix Home

Welcome to the New Year. 2020 is finally over and with it maybe so is life under the grips of a global pandemic. The Covid vaccine is being rolled out and although not everything will return to what was normal before, there do seem to be brighter days ahead in the Valley of the Sun.

One of the biggest changes as a result of the pandemic is that many us citizens of the Phoenix area are now working from home. Spending more time at home can be a good thing, but with today’s technology there are things can we do to make our home life more comfortable and our home environment easier to control. To do so we can incorporate into our homes some of 2021’s best smart home devices.

It’s Not Science Fiction Any More

Remember when we thought doors that automatically opened as we approached them and pocket-sized cell phones were the stuff of science fiction movies? Well, we have certainly left those days in the past. With the continuing development of the Internet and the many ways to connect to it changing faster and faster, it is now possible to be connected to almost anything in our homes: clocks, lights, appliances, thermostats. If you can think of it, there is a device out there that will allow you to connect to it.

Start With a Smart Speaker

A smart speaker is the core component of a smart home that will allow you to use your voice or Smartphone to control the majority of your home’s smart devices. There are several options to choose from, Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home are two of the more popular choices. There are several others including Sonos One and Apple HomePod. These smart speakers allow you to do things like make Wi-Fi calls, talk to people in different rooms in your home, play music, and control many other smart devices.

Smart Security Cameras

Whether the cameras are located indoors or out, these newer models can be controlled by your smart speaker or Smartphone. They record video in high resolution, have the means to track movement, include automatic zooming, and even allow for two-way communication. Some are capable of utilizing facial recognition software to tell you exactly who is coming and going and whether it is a person, a vehicle, or even a pet. Some of the best security cameras are produced by Arlo, Simply Safe, and Wyze.

Smart Thermostats

Okay, smart thermostats are not new to 2021, but they are employing smarter and smarter technology. These thermostats have gone beyond just programming regular schedules into them. Now you can use smart technology to change settings depending on real-time conditions. Even if you’re away from home, and temperatures are hotter or cooler that what was forecasted, you can make adjustments from anywhere, at any time. By being able to remotely control your home’s thermostat you may be able to minimize energy costs and also track your energy usage. And they are relatively easy to install. Some of the best smart thermostats include Ecobee’s Smart Thermostat With Voice Control, the Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd generation), and Honeywell’s Home T9 Smart Thermostat With Sensor.

Smart Garage Door Openers

With today’s smart garage door openers you can remotely open and close your garage door from anywhere. If you somehow forget to close the door (we do have busy lives and a lot is always going on in our minds), the opener app will send you a message telling you that the garage door is still open. Some of these opening systems require simple wiring, others are wireless. Two of the best openers are Chamberlain’s MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener (won’t work with Alexa) and Genie’s Aladdin Connect Smart Garage Door Opener.

Smart Door Locks

Door keys, whether they are for your car or your home, are fast becoming a thing of the past. A door lock that can be connected to the Internet offers both security and flexibility. You no longer have to hide a key outside, you can unlock your home with a quick tap on your Smartphone. Your kids are dismissed early from school and you’re still at work, no problem. Your housekeeper is coming and you don’t want to provide her with a key, open the door lock when they arrive. If you have an investment home that you rent out through a rental company like VRBO or AirBnB, with a smart door lock you can give vacationers a special access code that will work on specific schedules and for a certain number of days. Schlage, August, and Yale make some of the best smart door locks.

Bottom Line

Smart home automation has many practical advantages. The first is being able to control several different devices from one location. Another is by allowing you to maximize your home’s security. As more and more products are being developed, these that have been mentioned above will get you into the game of utilizing smart home technology.

Karl Kennedy
Author of ProjectorTop.com