5 Strategies that Make Your New House Feel Like Home Right Away

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5 Strategies that Make Your New House Feel Like Home Right Away

When moving day is done and all of your belongings are moved in to your new home, you may be looking around and thinking, “What now?” Even when you’re excited about your new place, facing a house full of boxes certainly doesn’t make it feel like you’re home. It doesn’t need to take long, however, when you use these strategies to settle in and start creating that feeling of “home.”

#1  Start With the Basics

While plenty of maintenance projects can wait, there are a few things you want to do right away to stay safe and comfortable. Get the locks changed so you don’t have to worry about who the previous owners have given keys to. Check all safety devices, replacing batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and checking that fire extinguishers are in working order.

Your home inspector would have found any major problems before closing, but you should still consult a home safety checklist to look for anything that could be unsafe. Along with making it secure, you want to keep your new home comfortable and protect it from damage. Getting a humidifier is a simple solution. A humidifier can make you more comfortable, because it cleans the air you breathe and prevents dry skin. Lastly, consider your home’s ventilation. Without proper ventilation, you may suffer from the effects of poor indoor air quality, which is a much more common problem than you may think.

#2  Unpack Like a Pro

Besides ensuring that your home is safe and comfortable, the best thing you can do to start feeling settled is to unpack essentials. Arranging furniture and setting up lamps in your main living spaces will give you a sense of home right away. Then, unpack what you need to keep up with your daily routines. Southern Living recommends setting up “routine stations,” such as assembling your coffee maker and placing it near the essentials for making your morning brew. And don’t limit unpacking to just must-haves. Go ahead and set up your TV or unpack a book you’re reading, so you can unwind at the end of a long day of moving.

#3  Get Organized

You naturally want to unpack and get things put away as quickly as possible, but many people make the mistake of rushing this step. Once you have your necessities and some entertainment set up, take your time with the rest of your home. Organize kitchen shelves and cabinets as you unpack, and think through your family’s daily life and how you can keep clutter at bay. HGTV recommends setting up a paper storage system right by the door so mail doesn’t get out of control. It’s easier to avoid having a disorganized home when you are strategic from the start.

#4  Decorate Wisely

Just like organizing, you should take your time decorating rather than rushing into too many decisions. At the same time, you don’t want to leave walls and floors bare while planing out the perfect design. Start with rugs to add warmth and comfort, and be sure you have plenty of light, because these are two of the best ways to make a house feel like a home. Go ahead and unpack family photos and your favorite artwork. Even if you don’t know where you want to hang photos yet, simply placing some treasured items on the mantle brings that sense of home into your space.

#5  Protect Your Assets

This step may not feel “homey” in the same way that curling up on your sofa with a cup of coffee does, but it’s one you don’t want to skip. Moving into your new home is the perfect time to evaluate what you own, take stock of valuables, and make sure you are insured to cover everything. Doing this may be the last thing on your mind after all the legal paperwork involved with buying a home, but it’s essential to protect yourself in case of a disaster like fire or theft.

Deciding where to start when you move into your home is certainly an overwhelming thought. Use these strategies as a guide to keep the stress away and smooth over the adjustment period. This will help you feel at ease so you can start enjoying yourself and really living in your new home right away.

Sent in by Kelli Brewer

Photo credit: Pexels