Can my smart home be hacked?

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Can my smart home be hacked?

You don’t like anything you can’t trust. You have heard about something called the Internet of Things. But to be honest, you don’t like the thought of a fridge that goes onto the internet. Can you really trust it? Could your smart home be hacked? And how can you avoid it? Let’s take a look.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart Home interconnectability depends on the IoT. This essentially means that smart appliances and devices are able to send and receive data over the internet. Your smart oven will send and receive data in the same way your laptop will.

What Do Hackers Look For?

Hackers are a special breed. They are people with a knack for finding loopholes, backdoors, and many other ways into places they aren’t supposed to be. What would they be looking for in a smart home setup?

Unprotected Devices

Devices that don’t have any security measures are at great risk. Smart security cameras are on the list. It generally has no security measures like antiviruses installed. This makes it a prime target for hackers. The device will be accessible via the internet with little to no resistance offered. There are already a couple of websites offering “spy cams footage” of hacked security cameras.

So Can It Be Hacked?

In short yes. Anything that has the ability to send and receive information can be hacked. Hackers can be tenacious in their effort to exploit any situation that could lead to their gain.

How can You Prevent It?

According to SafeAtLast, The basic principles regarding data privacy still apply. Don’t use the same passwords for different accounts and devices. Mix it up, so you limit the reach of a leaked password. Don’t access foreign networks or databases over the internet. Be wise as to whom you grant access to your home network. Put up the necessary firewalls and take security measures for IP addresses.

Is This The End Of Smart Homes?

To reiterate, it is possible for your smart home to be hacked. But, your laptop is at exactly the same risk. So use the same security measures you apply on your other smart devices and keep your smart home safe.

Check out the infographic below to see stats and facts about the impact of smart home trends!

How Smart Homes Take the World Infographic

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