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Want to invest in Rental Income Properties?

ip2 While the market has recovered nicely, finding properties with strong cash flow potential is becoming very challenging.

Rents continue to rise.  A buyer must wait 7 years to be eligible for mortgage after a short sale or foreclosure.  Many people in Arizona are still ineligible for a mortgage and their only option is to rent.  Many young professionals who are not ready for the long term commitment of owning are a good portion of the renter demographic in the market actively searching for homes.  The demand for rental homes is stronger than the available inventory.

This can make investing in income producing properties very lucrative.   As an example, in 85016 there are only 12 available listings for homes with 3 bedrooms!

In most cases, investing in income producing property has a better return on investment than stocks and is less risky.  These investments can have tax benefits and be an inflation hedge.  If the property has income potential, your property can appreciate while someone else covers the mortgage.  Improvements can be made to the property to attract higher quality tenants.  This is one of the more stable ways to diversify your portfolio. It is a common way for you to start building wealth, and provides you control over your financial future.  You can actually influence the performance of the property and performance can be measured.

Unfortunately, buying an investment property is highly competitive.   Investors are paying top dollar for properties.  Homes in established locations sell quickly.  Some investors are in a state of panic.   They feel an urgency to get in.ip

Our team is uniquely talented in finding investment properties.  We check MLS daily and analyze properties so we are not just sending a bunch of random listings to our investors.  In every property we present we include an estimated income analysis allowing our investors to make quick decisions.  And, we don’t only rely only on MLS for options!  We leverage our large data base of actively selling investors, wholesalers and other unusual sources.

If advice on market conditions, return on investment calculations, management fees and potential cost of repairs, are needed, we are fully equipped and experienced to assist in making the process equitable and fun.

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