Moving While Planning Your Wedding?

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Moving While Planning Your Wedding?

Are you and your mate looking to move while you’re in the midst of planning for your wedding? Congratulations on acquiring a new home together! However, the tough job of making sure your new home is on its way to becoming “just right” for you and your future spouse is just beginning.

Hiring Contractors

As you look forward to moving into your new home, you may have to set aside some money for doing repairs and renovations of the home. But how do you prepare for such a cost, when unforeseen problems may happen, raising the total price of the repair or renovation in a way that is harmful to your pocketbook?

The first step to making sure you won’t end up paying an astronomical sum for the repair or renovation is to undertake solid research first. When “shopping” for contractors, ask as many questions about the process that you can possibly think of. The contractor with the wisest, most intelligent responses, is probably the one you should go for. After all, all contractors who have been in the business for a while should be able to anticipate the kind of questions potential clients ask of them. This means they should already have a whole bevy of good answers already formulated in their heads for their clients to hear.

If a contractor who has been in business for, say, 20 years, still has problems articulating the whys behind the cost and time frame of the job to you, then he or she has never bent his or her mind to trying to make sense of proposals to clients. It may take you a while, but after making 5 to 10 calls to potential contractors, you should eventually find one who responds intelligently to your peppery questions about the job.

Remodeling the Kitchen

The most expensive room in the house to remodel is always the kitchen. With its overlapped network of gas, plumbing and electrical grids, the kitchen requires all kinds of outfitting and space planning to get right.

According to HomeAdvisor, the average price to remodel a kitchen costs between $10,952 – $26,526, with a project timeline of 5 to 6 weeks. Contractors have to make extra sure the electrical, gas and water systems mesh well together in the walls, posing no potential dangers to your family, while taking into account space limitations, if they exist.

 It’s particularly tricky to make sure the kitchen suits the needs of an individual family. A smallish kitchen may not be roomy enough for a family of 5 or 6, whereas a large kitchen for a family of just 4 may prove to be cumbersome to move around in (walking around too much between one end of the kitchen to the other).

A master contractor would know how to “size up” the dimensions of the counter-top space to suit the needs of the family.

On Your Move

 However, once the renovations and repairs have been carried out, and you and your future spouse are nearing your official moving day, a lot has to be done to make sure the move is executed smoothly and seamlessly.

First, divvy up the chores of the move between you and your mate, so that each is officially on top of the necessary tasks to do before moving into your new home.  Of course, this means having drawn up a comprehensive master list of tasks and activities to do in the first place. You’d do well to consult your friends and relatives who have recently moved, to jot down any tasks and activities you might not be foreseeing at present.

 Make sure to constantly communicate with each other as you both complete tasks on the list. Two brains are better than one, so checking up on each other’s handy work as list items are being struck through ensures you two are doing a quality job of moving.

A Takeaway

Moving into a new home is a gargantuan task, especially when you don’t have that much time or mind power to spare due to you two also planning for the wedding. Feel free to ask your friends and family to chip in and help as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to tap into your social network to maximize the efficiency of your move. It’s certain many of your loved ones would be happy to help as you two prepare to set up your first official nest together.

Written by: Jackie Waters @