Selling Distressed Homes

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Selling Distressed Homes

Distressed homes, unfortunately, are far too common. From delinquent property taxes to late mortgage payments and declining property condition, homeowners can fall behind and the home falls under distress. Selling the home can relieve you of this burden, but how do you sell? What can you do to ensure your home is purchased and you are no longer under pressure, falling behind more financially?

Gain Clarity

To begin, you need to focus on the problem and what you need to do to get out of the distressed home. Recognize the benefits of selling fast and what you can gain by selling the property in a certain time frame. What do you need out of the sale? Cash to move to a new location? Avoiding bankruptcy? Ask yourself these questions to begin the process.

Listing Quickly

Take a look at your home. What can you repair to increase the value? Understanding the property value of your home and what you can do to increase the value can help you receive top dollar for your home. Once you list the home, price it right. You can price low in the hopes of a bidding war, but also remember to price it in line with what home are selling for in the area.

Take care to consider your options so that you can list your home in the best way possible, selling quickly to take care of the distress you face within your home.  

For more tips and tricks on how to sell distressed homes, check out the infographic below created by Corey Tyner of Home Buyers Phoenix and Cash For Houses Phoenix.

Thanks to Corey Tyner of OfferClimb for sending this article in.

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