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My working  relationship with Roberta Candelaria began with one postcard from Phoenix Urban Spaces.

A perfect match ….

An enthusiastic and successful broker of her own RE company and a potential client looking for a female RE broker with the passion and drive for her profession. 

Roberta and I met to discuss selling my condo and I instantly saw her passion and I heard the excitement in her voice. Roberta truly LOVES her work and she will do everything with YOUR best interest in mind.

Roberta will always have your back! I sent a message to Roberta’s website Phoenix Urban Spaces expressing my interest in selling my condo and she replied with enthusiasm.

Roberta has a wealth of knowledge and RE experience.

Roberta has a wonderful team at Phoenix Urban Spaces.

Roberta will truly go out of her way to help you in any way she can.

She goes above and beyond listing your property.

Her attention to detail is impressive and illustrates her perfectionism.

She makes sure the photography is superior and your property presents itself the best it can.

Roberta truly loves her work!!!

I am so fortunate to have met her. I look forward to continue our working relationship. And to think it all began with one postcard from Phoenix Urban Spaces!