Driggs Title Agency

Date: 09/16/2016

The home that closed at 2311 E. Sunland Ave was facilitated by Driggs Title Agency; a disinterested 3rd party. We received the following review in Phoenix about real estate agent Roberta Candelaria from the Seller:

Roberta Candelaria was professional and informative:5 Stars
Roberta Candelaria was very easy to communicate with and get a hold of:5 Stars
I felt that Roberta Candelaria had my best interest:5 Stars
I would recommend Roberta Candelaria:Yes

Review Comments:
Agent Review of Roberta Candelaria – by Todd, 2016-09-16 5 Stars 5

Mark Bartlemus hereby certifies this to be an authentic and actual review of Roberta Candelaria.

Contact Roberta Candelaria – Phone: (602) 791-3292 or Email: [email protected]