The Generations in the Workplace

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The Generations in the Workplace

I found this chart in LinkedIn and thought it very interesting and I would share with you.  It was done by UXC Professional Solutions, based on a survey of 1,200 workers.  Just looking at it and comparing it to the people I know, it seems pretty accurate.  Growing up men wore suits and women wore dresses to work, talked on the phone and had face to face meetings.  Today it is a more casual workplace and because of technology more people work from home.  A lot of work is through emails and even texts.  Instead of having mounds of paperwork, everything is stored in the cloud.

In my opinion, Baby Boomers do have more of an executive presence and are more concerned about cost-effectiveness.  They are also great mentors.    Gen X people, I know, are great at adaptability, relationship building and problem solving.  Tech Savviness is definitely a Millennial thing.  If I have a technical question, I ask my Grandchildren for help.

Remember there are exceptions to every rule.  Let me know what you think.