The Toughest Parts of Being an Agent

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The Toughest Parts of Being an Agent


Being a Real Estate Agent isn’t an easy or regular profession.  From the absurd hours and days you have to put into dealing with rough clients and all those moving parts, people don’t see from the outside everything you have to deal with.

Time Away From Home (Or Being Interrupted) 

Agents work many irregular and/or excessive hours, so it is really hard to get time away from your work.

Setting boundaries between work and home can be extremely difficult. A lot of people choose to be agents due to the perception that they can work whenever they want. This is true to an extent, but in order to be dependable and therefore successful, you need to be constantly accessible. This means dinners, quality time, vacations and everything else will likely be frequently interrupted by phone calls, texts, emails, quick showings and last minute appointments.

The worst part of all those inconveniences is there will be many times that you don’t actually work with this client. They are just seeing what is out there.  This is something you have to always be ready for and plan for.

Losing the Listing to Another Agent

Coming super close to winning a listing and losing it to another agent is tough. But you need to look at it from a statistical standpoint. For every listing you don’t get, it increases your odds of getting the next one.

It isn’t as big of a loss as you might think when a friend or family member calls someone else. Sometimes doing business with friends and especially family can be trouble.

Justifying Your Value

This is one of the toughest parts for some agents. You need to somehow brand yourself as the expert or the authority and you are worth it.

You sit across from a homeowner who invited you to discuss the possibility of selling their home and to go over what you bring to the table, only to be asked to take less for your services. It is one of the few industries where someone will ask and negotiate income.

Saying the Market or Your Business is Good When It’s Not

It’s important to make your business seem positive and successful all the time. Who would want to list with an agent who is in a slump?  How about someone who is on the fence about selling? They will be even more hesitant in a poor market?

The market is always subjective there is no real answer. The ups and downs in our business however, are very real.

Even during hard times, you have to put on a smile and pretend things are good.

Keeping Your Expectations In Check (Especially Early in a Career)

This is hard to do when everything seems based on a short phone call or a 5-minute meeting. When something positive happens such as a client’s offer getting accepted or we are hired for a new listing, everything instantly becomes so exciting and nothing can bring us down.  We are flying high.

On the other side, getting too invested and excited about a new lead or potential listing can lead to a big letdown if it doesn’t work out.  Just don’t get too hot or cold until something is final.


Budgeting on a job that is based on commissions might seem impossible but can be done.

Some months you’re on fire for your biggest year and some months you tread water and wonder if your career is about to end and be forced to take that 9-5 job you hated so much before real estate. You just need to have a bottom line and stay grounded regardless which side of the spectrum you are on at that time.


The life of a real estate agent isn’t always what it seems but it’s not all bad either. We still get great satisfaction from helping our clients.  We are there helping guide them through their transaction, whether they are buying or selling their home.  Sometimes this can be an emotional time but we are right by their side helping them get the best deal.  This is what makes being an agent so gratifying, seeing our clients smile when they close on their deal.

Taken from: Smart Agents Work Smarter