Best Online Safety Tips

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Best Online Safety Tips

The internet gold rush has sparked some of the most impressive moments in history. We can safely say that the technological leap we have experienced in recent times is a result of the growing influence of the internet in our everyday lives. Nonetheless, the internet craze also exposes us to a level of insecurity which has brought data security to the fore. Did you know that there’s a ransomware attack every 14 seconds in the US?

In many ways, data security is a critical topic, which left unaddressed could lead to unimaginable losses. There is currently a global campaign on the importance of setting up systems that will guarantee that the privacy of internet users is not infringed. Much of this data privacy movement focuses on the role of internet service providers as well as social media networks. However, internet users like you and me have a crucial role in this unfolding saga.

We are directly or indirectly at fault for some of the recent data breaches on the internet. Although the recent crops of hackers are experts at what they do, most times, we make it too easy for them. You would notice from the impressive infographic below that we are constantly at risk of cyber attacks because we give away our sensitive information online too often.

Based on the nature of the attacks, one could argue that social networks and service providers consistently show a degree of incompetence when it comes to data security. Yet, we have to admit our portion of the blame as some of our online activities and habits make us a target practice for hackers.

Being safety conscious when accessing the internet will immensely reduce the risk you expose your data to. As illustrated in the infographic below, practicing some basic safety tips will make it more difficult for hackers to access the information.

One would think that the basic nature of some of these tips will serve as a sort of a boost for their mass adoption. Yet, the increase in the intensity of data breaches has proven that internet users remain careless with their data.

You can improve your data’s security by adhering to the safety tips listed in the infographic below.

Sent in by Josh Wardini, Community Manager at Webmastersjury

Featured photo courtesy of Techno Deck

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