10 Qualities of a Top Central Phoenix Realtor

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10 Qualities of a Top Central Phoenix Realtor

central-phoenixSo you want to look for a Central Phoenix realtor to help represent you in your next sales experience. All real estate agents are the same right? They all go through the same courses, standard training and acquire experience correct? Not quite. Each broker or realtor is different. Why? Because, there are certain qualities that an agent should possess in order to help you maneuver the long and twisted paths of the real estate industry so that you can be satisfied with your sanity still intact after a sale. So what qualities should you look for in a Central Phoenix realtor? We compiled a comprehensive list of the top ten qualities that clients value the most in real estate agents.


1.     Licensed

This is a given. Clients want agents who are licensed in the state that they are looking to buy or sell property. Don’t hesitate to research and see what other consumers have to say about an agent you may be interested in working with. Also look for an agent with some experience in the industry and in the area. Wisdom and knowledge come with experience and seasoned realtors develop the thick skin that is necessary to negotiate on your behalf and get the prices you want on homes or land. For example, our broker Roberta is known for being the foremost expert on the Phoenix Valley’s most exclusive and exceptional urban communities.


2.     Personable, Trustworthy & Honest

In all likelihood, buyers and sellers will spend a lot of time with their realtor. It is important to feel comfortable with this person. You need to be able to openly communicate and trust your agent. Trust is the basis of any relationship, and if you don’t trust or get along with your realtor, then you have already set yourself up for failure.


3.     A Tough Negotiator who Fights for Your Best Interest

Real estate professionals are hired to represent clients in sales transactions. It’s important to find an individual who isn’t afraid to ask for what the client wants. If a seller is looking for a specific price, then the agent should not be afraid to push for that price. If a buyer likes a property, but feels that it is in bad shape and overpriced, then the agent should not be afraid to negotiate for a lower price or for concessions towards repairs.


4.     Organized

Unless you have personally experienced the world of real estate then you are probably unaware of how hectic the job really is. Clients like to think that they have the undivided attention of their agent at all times, but realistically this professional is probably working with five or ten other clients at once. It is important for your realtor to be able to keep track of schedules, the client’s wants and needs, budgets, meeting times, open houses and so much more.


5.     Reliable, Responsive & Available

Being a real estate agent is a 24/7 gig. If a client has a question, comment or concern then the agent should be available to answer any questions at any given moment – even if it falls at midnight on a Friday night. After all, the reason clients work with professionals and pay the hefty commission prices is because they depend on the expertise and assistance to guide them through the process of real estate.


6.     Knowledgeable About the Area

CentralPhxYou wouldn’t hire a real estate agent who works in New York to sell you a property in Oregon would you? Purchasing a home is a long-term investment. When searching for a dream home there are various things to take into consideration such as schools, employment opportunities, recreational activities, dining, shopping and various other characteristics that may be important. A good agent should be able to distinguish between specific areas that match a client’s requirements. At Phoenix Urban Spaces we offer beautiful homes and condos in top areas such as AhwatukeeCentral PhoenixChandlerParadise ValleyScottsdaleMaricopa and more!


7.     Well Versed in the Real Estate Market and Industry

A good real estate agent needs to be familiar with the ever-changing trends in the industry. A good agent should also be fluent in the practice of sales and able to efficiently communicate the process to confused or curious clients.


8.     Marketing Savvy

In today’s technologically oriented world, it is very important for agents to market themselves online. A realtor who can market themselves well proves to clients that they can efficiently market properties and thrive in a competitive environment. A comprehensive website, such as Phoenix Urban Spaces, offers clients all the information they may need in one location.


9.     Passionate

A person who is passionate and enthusiastic about something easily attracts others to share in on the excitement. Successful realtors don’t show how worn out or fed up with the industry they are. Instead, they share their knowledge and expertise and connect with their clients through the experience of buying or selling a home.


10.     Well Connected

In the business of real estate it is important to be friendly, outgoing and good at networking. One of the most important aspects of being a real estate agent is being able to build relationships. Clients look for agents who are well connected, because that means that the agent is a outgoing, well-liked, successful and that the property will be marketed to more people.


Central PhoenixEach individual will look for different characteristics and qualities in real estate agents, but these top ten are the most agreed upon traits that clients look for in a realtor. At Phoenix Urban Spaces our brokers and realtors go above and beyond client expectations, and with the guidance of our fearless leader, Roberta Candelaria, we offer the best Central Phoenix realtors and a top notch experience manipulating the field of real estate. If you are interested in purchasing or leasing a single family home or condo in Central Phoenix or the surrounding areas then Contact Roberta today to get in touch and for more information on current listings.